Am I on the right life path?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question!

Everyone wants to be doing what they THINK they should be doing. Choosing jobs that will be satisfying, fulfilling, and help them achieve their ultimate dreams.

So how do we find the magic solution? I will tell you!

The magic solution is to fully understand your Life Path Numerology and Astrology Chiron Placement. Knowing these two simple hacks will launch your soul into the stratosphere! The Life Path numbers show you who you should be this lifetime, and the Chiron placement offers the wound you need to heal.

Life Path Calculations

First, look at how you calculate the life path by adding up all the numbers on your birthday.

*You will leave master numbers intact and not break down = 11, 22, 33.

Life Path 8 Example

Use number for birth month (March = 3)
Add birthday (21 = 2+1 = 3)
Add year of birth (1982 = 1+9+8+2 = 20, 2+0= 2)
Add all numbers together ( 3+3+2 = 8)

Master Number 11 Example

Use number for birth month (March = 2)
Add birthday (13 = 1+3 = 4)
Add year of birth (1967 = 1+9+6+7 = 23, 2+3= 5)
Add all numbers together ( 2+4+5 = 11)

Life Path Descriptions

Now let us take a look at each of the Life Paths descriptions.

Life Path 1’s has excellent leadership qualities, boldness, courage, and creativity. 1’s are determined, ambitious, and pioneering leading to exciting change and lightening the darkness. You’re competitive and thrive in this environment. 1’s primary mission is to follow your unique voice. Communicate your visions to others to help you accomplish all your fantastic ideas! You have the power to go where no one has gone before. You have the courage, bravery, and tenacity to do it!

Life Path 2’s are cooperative, sensitive, balanced, responsible, loving, patient, modest, and supportive humans. You strive to bring peace and connection, are team players, and make excellent partners. 2’s seek love and a giving heart and thrive in a group. However, it can be draining, and you must develop a healthy sense of emotional detachment from people to keep you happy and healthy. Watch out for energy vampires! Focus on gaining a keen insight, refining your sensitivity, and setting personal boundaries.

Life Path 3’s are optimistic, verbal, creative, and inspiring entertainers and performers. Humor is the most critical way you communicate, being incredibly friendly, happy, and amusing. 3’s can make great actors, teachers, or counselors. 3’s represent energy, imagination, and fun. The number 3 means creation and finding solutions. It references triads and represents past, present, future, mother, father, child, birth, life, and death. The true spirit of the 3’s is to inspire and uplift others and yourself. To manifest anything, you must take action!

Life Path 4’s are pragmatic, faithful, disciplined, organized, and cautious. Traditional, practical, respectable, and sober. Provides the organization and offers stable structural foundations for any endeavor. You are a master builder of systems! You can make order out of chaos. In fact, having an order will help you feel safe and relaxed. You take in information like a sponge and are a purveyor of knowledge. Your natural gift comes to terms with old family issues, working steadily and diligently toward goals and using your vast experience to teach others.

Life Path 5’s trademarks are freedom and enthusiasm. They are intelligent, sensual, adventurous, and productive people. 5 is the number of change, opportunity, fortune, and adventure. 5’s expose themselves to risks and stretch sensuality to its limits with beliefs in expressing the free will and the world’s expiration. Your superpower is adaptation and expansion. You are transformers and liberate others from all limitations. Your love magic touches others to feel free.

Life Path 6’s are nurturing, responsible, dutiful, kind, and devoted to their families. They offer a generous spirit and are incredibly caring, sacrificing, and loving. 6’s represent all forms of love and liaisons: romantic, motherly, and platonic. The number six represents love, marriage, and unions. Your superpower can feed what needs to grow. They can sense if people are sick, depleted, or drained. It is essential to keep your energy up and set boundaries.

Life Path 7’s has great analytic minds and critiques. They bring fun to any meeting with their scientific minds, meticulousness, preparedness, and knowledge. 7’s can be introspective and prefer solitude and pursue universal understanding truths. They can see things’ inner, deeper workings: high intelligence, genius. Have the superpower of sonar and x-ray vision. You see beyond face value.

Life Path 8’s are strong, self-reliant, aggressive, intelligent, talented, and tasteful. They can climb the ladder of success beyond expectation or fall to the depths of failure if not balanced. 8 in numerology means wealth, fortune, leadership, and active organization. 8’s have fantastic endurance and the ability to stay focused on a job. They are the masters of manifestation, accumulating and attracting the best resources.

Life Path 9’s are people who have completed the karmic cycle. Have loads of knowledge and experience. 9’s have compassion and are incredibly tolerant, benevolent, and charming. 9’s give energy to anything and bring it back to life—deep humanitarian to bring brotherhood and sisterhood into existence. You see the best in people and the world. Life path 9’s offer their unique intuitiveness and are often mystical, and their superpower is Utopian vision and wisdom.

Master Numbers

Life Path 11’s are spiritual teachers and offers psychic leadership. Connecting to realms beyond logic delivers insight and information that creates peace, bond, and relationship. An enhanced version of the 2 bestows all qualities of the number 2. These people are idealistic, intuitive, and visionary. They are very friendly, cooperative, always ready to help others, and quickly get along with anyone. You can share secrets, and they will never reveal to anyone.

Life Path 22’s dream materialization. Practical psychic. Ability to ground into reality through some modality. 22’s can take information from an 11 and make it a reality. 22’s has the enhanced version of the number 4 and many qualities like the master 11. 22’s are known to be the most fortunate of all the numbers. They seek to turn the impossible into reality with the help of others. They have good common sense, leadership, practical solutions for any problem, and outstanding organizational skills. They are ambitious and innovative.

Life Path 33’s offers imagination and restoration, healing through creativity. They restore people and bring order while injecting joy into the world when in high vibration. Their mission is to be masterful healers and inspired visionaries while bringing love to the world. You will need to tap into your creativity and emotions. Acting with a nurturing presence will also benefit you. You have three aspects of number 3: creative expression, emotional and sensitivity, and 6, nurturing, acceptance, and vision. Focus on giving, and you will fulfill your life’s mission.

Each Life Path offers a tremendous amount of descriptive attributes that each of us has in our personal numerology. To learn more about Numerology, feel free to join our wait list when the full course is live by clicking here.

Chiron – The Wounded Healer Archetype

Chiron is found in your astrology placement and is relatively new to interpretations. So what is Chiron, and how is it essential to understand the placement to heal your OWN wounds?


Chiron is a small planet, or ‘planetoid,’ discovered in 1977. Occupying an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron was named after a unique centaur (part human, part horse) in Greek mythology. Although a newly discovered planet, Chiron has shown itself to be quite powerful in an individual’s chart.

The centaur Chiron was held as superlative among his wild brethren. Centaurs were notorious for being overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, and generally uncultured. Chiron, by contrast, was intelligent, civilized, and kind. He was also known for his knowledge and skill in medicine. He is also recognized as a physician who taught ancient wisdom to humanity. Chiron represents the archetype of the “Wounded Healer” and died of a poisoned arrow he had made. Being immortal, he could not die immediately and was forced to suffer the pain of his wounds. Ultimately, he was freed through an act of compassion, where he gave his life to another suffering being. He is also associated with shamanism and the art of looking deeply within oneself to heal. The discovery of the planet Chiron is synchronous with the rise of the holistic health movement of the late 1970s.

Chiron’s position in the chart reveals one’s wound that needs self-reflection healing. Although one has been hurt, it is possible to look within, invoke the healer Chiron, and have more compassion for others. The position of Chiron, by house and sign, can also show where we have talent and access to ancient wisdom and where we may depart from the mainstream in service to a higher practicality. Those with prominent Chiron in their charts are likely to be educators and spiritual healers, much like the civilized centaur healer.

Let’s look at an example below to better understand Chiron’s house placement.

Chiron House Placement Example

Chiron in Pisces – Fourth House Placement

Chiron in the Fourth House (or sign) represents issues with the vital force of self-nurturing and caring for those closest to yourself. With this placement, you have a strong drive, even a compulsion, to be centered in home and family, but this desire does not easily find its fulfillment. There may have been painful episodes in connection with early family life. Perhaps you had trouble settling down to enjoy the comfort of a safe and secure home as a child. As a result, you may be even more motivated to have this firm security base in your adult life. You may alternate between over-identifying with your family or under-identifying with them. You may need help in achieving this security. On a more symbolic level, you are also painfully challenged in finding your own center in a psychological sense. Because of the inherent insecurity of your inner world, you may struggle to find yourself and become easily influenced by others due to lacking your own clear sense of self. Without this base, you are more easily unbalanced and may emotionally move in many different directions as the wind blows. You may long for a more secure and comfortable sense of who you are, independent from others’ opinions, a place where you can be yourself. Part of the problem with connecting to your inner self and externally with home and family is that the conflict you feel may be largely unconscious in nature, running on autonomously as a result of long-buried experiences too painful to recollect and consciously examine. You may have difficult times with issues regarding home and family as you go through life until you can become more conscious of these influences and less quickly overtaken by them. There may be conflicts with your mother, or another primary parental figure, that need to be worked through as you really begin to get in touch with your blocks and difficulties in these areas. Once you start to nourish yourself and to provide your own parenting, rather than depending on the external world to provide comfort and security, you can come around to being a source of inspiration for others as well as yourself.

General Aspect of Chiron in Pisces

The following applies to your generation as a whole and to you personally.

Chiron in Pisces (or the Twelfth House) represents issues with one’s vital force to be at home in the world of physical manifestation. You may feel frustrated and alienated from the rest of humanity or more at home in a fantasy world than in dealing with what is laughably called “the real world.” You have a talent for that which is beyond this world and can make your mark on it in your own particular fashion, which may be achieved in music, poetry, or as a seeker for higher truth. But these are ways of being in the world without participating. Possibly there were painful episodes from early childhood that drove you into a world of your own. Still, you have come to be quite at home in this world, and the issue for you is coming out with style and dignity rather than totally abandoning your inner cosmos. Again and again, you attempt to be a part of it all, just like everyone else, and again and again, it just doesn’t quite work. There may be many painful episodes before you realize that what is “for everyone” out there is just not for you. You may work with others to help them be peaceful and comfortable connecting their lives to a higher truth without really getting it yourself. Of course, one is tempted to blame oneself for this sort of failure to connect. Deep emotions associated with withdrawal from the world must be examined to begin to operate from a feeling of wholeness and truly make your own way. There is a part of yourself that has been carefully hidden away, defended from the pressures of consensus reality, and it may take a lot of work to get in touch with these dark places. You may come to peace with your darker, more hidden self only after a long period of soul-searching. When you begin your integration process, there is a way to be a part of the world. You will also start participating and sharing in its wonders and disasters without giving anything up. It takes work to make this transformation! Still, it is vital to your emotional health and well-being and makes it possible to help others who may be fumbling towards a similar apotheosis.

ASTROGRAPH – Astrology.
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You have had a brief lesson on the Life Path number in Numerology and the Chiron astrology placement. Take measures to review your Life Path number thoroughly and understand where to place your focus and energy. Understanding the wounds coming from your Chiron placement helps heal your soul and lets you finally let go of the baggage you have been carrying for years. I encourage you to dive deep into resolving the wounds plaguing you to become the divine masterful self! Knowing your Life Path and Chiron placement will help you discover what you are truly here to master this lifetime.