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Feel the resonance of your destiny, like a call from the universe itself. It’s an invitation to embrace your journey of healing and self-discovery with open arms. The first step, taken today, is a declaration of your commitment to unveiling the depths of your being and embracing the legacy of the cosmos. Let the elders’ wisdom be your guiding light as you embark on this path of transformation and growth. Your destiny is not only calling – it’s beckoning you to take that extraordinary leap towards a life fully aligned with your essence. Embrace the call and embark on this profound journey today.


It was such a gift to have found Claryen. After discovering her on YouTube, something kept pulling me back to her. I’m glad I listened, because my healing with Claryen seems to have shifted me into a new phase of my life. I felt so stuck before our meeting, but Claryen helped me to lighten my energy enough that I could begin shifting it more and more. I immediately felt deeply understood by her, and the incredible warmth and beauty of Claryen’s soul shone through so brightly the whole time. I had so much fun meeting with her and I felt as if all my heavy energy was dissolving into a magical lavender glow. Our meeting made me feel more of a sense of purpose in my life, as if I am a part of some deep, wonderful mystery. I felt like Claryen saw through to my soul and was able to reflect it back to me, which made uncanny feelings of recognition pour down into me. Even my dogs were mesmerized by the beautiful healing energy that Claryen brought through. I could tell from my first meeting with Claryen that her work gets very deep and I have felt how the healing continues to reverberate for weeks after. I am so grateful for Claryen’s amazing gifts and I honestly can’t wait to have another healing with her. – Julie, New York


Allow the profound wisdom of the elders to illuminate your path as you embark on a transformative journey. By releasing the blockages that have held you back, you pave the way for fully realizing your potential. With each step, you awaken to the cosmic energies that have shaped you, guiding you toward a life that resonates with your authentic origins.

Picture yourself stepping into a future where every decision aligns with the resonance of your true self. As the veil lifts and the layers of doubt dissipate, you can embrace the boundless possibilities that await. The whispers of ancient knowledge guide you, empowering you to embrace your unique gifts and navigate life with newfound clarity and purpose.

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Sacred Origin Clearing, Sacred Grid Origin Clearing

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  1. claryenriol

    “From the first time, Claryen read my birth chart to when she performed a Starseed healing/clearing, she has awakened my soul and brought so much clarity to my journey in this life. Claryen has helped me understand the thoughts, the visions, the unexplainable incidences I’ve had and tried to “explain away” were actually all part of the universe, my ancestors, my gifts of my soul, trying to awaken me. This last session of her sacred grid origin clearing literally lit my soul UP. The emotions, the releases, the rejoicing of remembering and becoming one with my soul, was the most powerful feeling. I don’t feel like “it’s all in my head” anymore. I finally understand. I finally have clarity and peace within my soul. Claryen is such a beautiful soul. She really is, one of my guardian angels. If you have any questions, of why you are here or what is your purpose, work with Claryen today! She will guide your soul, gently and beautifully, to the space of remembering who you are. Thank you.” – Angela

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