Claryen Riol is a Medium, Psychic, Quantum Healer, Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, and Peace Ambassador.

Claryen became aware of her abilities at a very young age, conversing with angels and guides, learning independently, knowing not everyone had this ability. Under the guidance of a loving aunt, she learned numerology and astrology at the age of twelve. She gained a greater understanding of her talents to promise that she would continue this work throughout her life, thus her interest in parapsychology and the research behind the science.

As a conduit for healing, Claryen channels through her use of Reiki, tuning forks, dowsing, and light language while applying sacred geometry, numerology, and astrology to each client. Her newest offering includes Starseed/Grid readings and healing based on one’s primary star origin, as well as conducting parapsychology research with her conscience healing meditation app.