Claryen Riol
2210, 2022

Live Within E.A.S.E. Event – November 5th, 2022

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The group event will focus on questions surrounding self-awareness, education, and recommendations for your body, mind, and soul. Angela will look at your posture and skeletal/muscular structure and identify the emotional and psychological reason behind the discomfort.

1610, 2022

Starseed Origin Healing – The Angelic Observer

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A Starseed origin reading transpires by using the dowsing and mediumship modalities. I dowse to find your planetary origin and look for any healing relations to the source by channeling and receiving messages through Spirit via your akashic record. Reading delivery is in live video format.

1310, 2022

Are you an Arcturian Starseed?

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These Starseeds are from Arcturus located in the Bootes constellation. Many Arcturian's now live on starbases and form part of the most advanced civilization in our known universe. Purpose: Arcturian's are born leaders, strong-willed beings who naturally command leadership to advance and innovate the world into a brighter, better future.


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