Let us begin our chakra cleanse by taking a few deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe, think about what you are doing with each breath – how you bring fresh oxygen into your body and, in turn, release what no longer serves you. Feel the oxygen spread through your body, energizing all of your cells. Breathe in positivity, and feel yourself releasing anything that no longer serves you on your out-breath. Keep breathing this way until your breath becomes relaxed and natural.

We ask for and honor the Presence of God-Source-Creator. We ask for and honor the Presence of our higher self, our God selves – the Mighty I Am Presence. We ask for and honor the Presence, support, assistance, and guidance of our master spiritual guides, our loving ancestors in Spirit, our angels, and teachers. We celebrate the Presence of the ascended masters – great spiritual teachers and saints past and present. We honor the Presence of the Seven Archangels representing the color rays of the chakras.

We ask that these blessings continue throughout this meditation and all our days moving forward.

Take another breath in and out as we anchor deeply into the earth. We call forth a beautiful grounding cord of light that emanates from God-Source-Creator and runs through our God Self, our Higher Self, our physical body, and anchors deeply into the center of the earth. We ask that this grounding cord be far superior to any we have before anchored. Feel the energy travel through you and send down any points that do not serve you through your feet to our beautiful earth mother – Mother Gia.

Let us envision a beautiful ball of golden light filled with Divine love above your head. It’s a lovely light, filled with calming, clearing, energizing, and protecting energy. As you continue breathing, feel this ball of light slowly coat the exterior of your body. Ever so slowly, it starts flowing down like warm honey. As it moves down the body, you feel more and more relaxed.

As we begin our chakra cleanse, we now ask that our chakras fill with the perfect light, colors, vibrations, and frequencies, all spinning in the correct direction. We now ask the magnetic field and core to be fully cleared of negativity and lower vibrations.

Take another cleansing breath in and out.

Now let us focus on the root chakra at the base of your tail bone. Visualize a ruby red circle the size of a quarter pulsating the 396hz frequency as we cleanse all fear, guilt, and codependency energies. Clearing the base chakra brings us strength, independence, groundedness, and connection to our beautiful earth planet.

Let us now move to the sacral chakra located by the reproductive organs. Let’s imagine an amber circle pulsating the 417hz frequency. We employ the orange color to aid decision-making, enhancing cheer, confidence, and assurance. We now emanate abundance, sexuality, well-being, connection, and relationships with others.

Next, let us move to an inch above the belly button, where we find the solar plexus chakra. Here we will visualize a pulsating yellow circle vibrating at a 528hz frequency. The yellow color helps bring inner vision, enhanced confidence, and communication. This cleared chakra will give us support and stimulation of intellectual activities, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of self-power.

Moving up the spine, we reach the heart chakra. Envision a green vibration pulsating the 639hz frequency. We begin to feel immense joy and love connecting us to nature, healing vibrations, inner peace, and restful feelings. By clearing the heart chakra, we are promoting compassion for ourselves and others and promoting overall physical health.

Let’s move to the throat area to focus on a pulsating blue color as we clear the throat chakra. This chakra holds the 741hz frequency, mending the sense organs and aiding in balance and self-expression. Our cleared-throat chakra brings healthy communication and expression, firm boundaries and space protection, and spiritual assistance to speak our truths.

We now move our focus to the center between the brow as we clear the 3rd Eye chakra. Clearing this chakra enhances intuition, knowingness, the ability to think and make sound decisions, imagination, and inner wisdom. See a pulsating indigo color vibrating the 852hz frequency evoking clarity of purpose and aiding spiritual healing.

Our final chakra we will focus on today is the crown chakra located at the top of your head. Visualize a violet color pulsating the 963hz frequency in and around your crown. This chakra is the connector to all, divinity, the ability to connect with inner and outer beauty, and helps us obtain spiritual bliss. We utilize nurturing qualities and balancing sensitivity.

Take another cleansing breath in and out. Perfect. Our chakras are fully cleared and connected by the light in every aspect of creation. Now let us visualize millions of lines of light running through us and connecting to all reaches of creation. Remind yourself of the universal law that like attracts like. It is a dazzling, shimmering web of light. Every moment you emanate frequency, attracting like frequency and energy and magnetizing it back to you. Visualize and feel your magnetic field now. It travels through your central spine and core. You are centered and powered by the powerful multi-dimensional vortex that is your heart center. This field emanates from you in a torus tube shape. It moves out from you and travels to all ends of the Universe and creation.

We now intend and vibrate with the qualities and frequencies specific to those we choose to draw to ourselves and manifest in our life. We call forth and anchor the following qualities, vibrations, and frequencies. We affirm and anchor the following attributes and frequencies, feel them resonate, and call forth to like energies. We now resonate with the blessings God-Source-Creator wishes to bestow upon us.

We align our core with the vibration and magnetics of infinite abundance. We align and resonate with the unlimited creative force that created galaxies, suns, planets, life, sound, color, elements, and frequencies. An ever-expanding and growing universe. Like a waterfall of creation, abundance, exquisite creativity, and growth. The energy is flowing throughout now. Power without limit or boundaries. Energy through which all things are possible. Feel the vibration in you now. Watch and feel it travel out along the lines of your electromagnetic field to all ends of the Universe. Feel it connect to and attract similar energy. And now magnetized, feel and visualize those energies rushing to you, enveloping you and filling every cell of your body.

We align and resonate with our loving relationships. We align and resonate with our body with loving, abundant, supportive friendships, business relationships, and partnerships.

We align and resonate with the vibration of grace and gratitude. Feel the vibrations of grace, gratitude, and forgiveness in you now. Watch it travel along the lines of your electromagnetic field to all ends of the Universe. Feel it connect to and attract similar energy – and now magnetized – feel it rushing back to you multiplied a thousand times.

As we close, we give great thanks to God-Source-Creator, the Archangels, all those in Spirit who protect and support us, our higher self and God-self, our guides and angel master teachers. We thank you all for your continued protection and support and ask you to magnetize and manifest prosperity, love, health, happiness, and positivity in our lives on all levels.

Finally, breathe in and out with a cleansing breath.

When ready, open your eyes fully awake and alert.


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