Live within E.A.S.E. Event


Live within E.A.S.E.

(Education, Alignment, Spirituality, and Empowerment)

Tools for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Do you need clarity, information, and guidance for your health, relationships, and awakening experiences?

Join us for a fun and insightful experience!

The group event will focus on questions surrounding self-awareness, education, and recommendations for your body, mind, and soul. Angela will look at your posture and skeletal/muscular structure and identify the emotional and psychological reason behind the discomfort. Julie will give insight into the situation in your life and identify some of your spiritual gifts so you can move through the problem more efficiently. Claryen will tap into information on the soul level, helping you step into your life path journey to aid in your ascension process. Angela, Julie, and Claryen are intuitive professionals eager to help you along your self-exploration journey.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Time: 1:11 PM – 2:44 PM (PST)

Cost: $43 US

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