Happy February! As mentioned last month, I will focus on spiritual education, helping your ascension process for our monthly newsletter. This month we will focus on unconditional love.

Many have expressed you have had extreme lessons lately regarding unconditional love. Some of you have mentioned you have met your twin flame or soul mate, which has boosted your spiritual awakening. I have to acknowledge this is the highest form of your spiritual awakening!

Unconditional love is loving without expectations and limitations, which means loving without trying to change another to fit or fulfill your ego needs. These life lessons will address issues you are working on, like patience, abandonment issues, or self-worth! What an excellent way to learn unconditional love.

So how do we love unconditionally? I’ve had these challenges myself and have learned many lessons around this lesson, particularly self-love. How can I teach it without experiencing it? Right?

Here are the top three ways I’ve learned to love unconditionally.

  1. First and foremost, self-love is the most important lesson to learn. When practicing self-love, we learn to love others by loving our imperfections. We are brutal critics, so we must begin with our self-love first. Stop putting yourself down or using self-deprecating words. I used to say I was a slow learner until one of my mentors said to use these words instead — I am a thorough learner. Do you feel the difference in vibration?
  2. Second, understand the lesson the other person is teaching you. Are you projecting in your communication? How are you responding to another when you feel triggered? The best solution to projection and triggers are recognizing when you are swelling and genuinely feeling the emotions when you are experiencing the triggers. Do a small assessment of why the trigger happened. You may need to address childhood wounds causing the triggers. Once you have acknowledged the what and why the trigger surfaced, you can start your healing process by feeling the emotions.
  3. Lastly, have empathy to forgive self and others. When we learn to forgive ourselves and others, we show unconditional love. Many times we place blame on others for why we hurt. The only person who can hurt you is YOU. No other person has this control over you. It is an illusion. Learn to forgive your parents, spouse, children, friends, and associates, as their only purpose is for you to learn unconditional love. Have you ever wondered why we have animals as pets? They are here to teach us, unconditional love.

Understanding YOU is the start of your healing process! If you need support in helping you find and address your triggers, my life, and spiritual coaching looks at your solar return astrology, numerology, and personal grid signature. To schedule your Life and Spiritual Coaching session, use the discount newsletter code self-love to get 20% off your session.

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