We have reached the astrological new year! Happy April!

As we start our new annual cycle, we must remember the time for change and new beginnings is upon us.

I often get asked this question:

How do we adjust to change without going into fear?

By addressing the real meaning of fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Does this mean my thoughts become my reality?

Yes, everything you think about dictates your experience, good or bad.

So how do I stop the monkey mind of negative thoughts?

I’ve devised steps to heal the monkey mind of negative thoughts below.

Become free! Stop the Monkey Mind!!

Become Free of the Monkey Mind

The third dimension of reality we live in harbors our thoughts. Our minds (the ego) can create drama, distractions, and illusions out of negative associations. Negative associations happen when the values of one variable tend to decrease as the values of the other variable increase.

How can I stop my negative associations?

  • Use the words stop-stop-stop before analyzing your thoughts and allow self-care about the situation. Recognize that your survival brain wants to keep you safe and is developing solutions to keep you secure. When we stop to think about what we are creating, it gives us choices.

  • Splash cold water on your face to break free of the distortions.

  • Use the power of positive visualization to create new associations.

  • State positive self-talk in all feedback to self. You can create personal affirmations to bring you back to a loving, positive state.

If you need support in helping you understand your negative repetitious cycles, click the link below for your Human Design reading.

Human Design Blueprint

Understand Your Human Design

Human Design is a tool showing how we can make healthy decisions and live as unique beings. It is a system for self-discovery! It can be considered a user manual for managing your life. Your Human Design reveals your Definition, which signifies who you are. Human Design also demonstrates your Openness, indicating who you think you are and where you find your inner wisdom.

I look at your Definition and experiment with your Strategy and Authority. Human Design’s next step is to reveal what is Open in you, to help you recognize where and how you are Conditioned. Understanding your Conditioning is vital when embarking on the journey of allowing your actual Inner Authority to guide you.

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