These Starseeds are from Arcturus located in the Bootes constellation. Many Arcturian’s now live on starbases and are from the most advanced civilization in our known universe.

Purpose: Arcturian’s are born leaders, strong-willed beings who naturally command leadership to advance and innovate the world into a brighter, better future. Arcturian’s are considered pioneers dedicated to their soul mission and likely to work in logical thinking roles like science and technology. Arcturian’s also possess emotional abilities. Many Arcturian’s are natural healers and gifted at divination and channeling.

Do You Have These Arcturian Starseed traits:

  1. Drawn to the Arcturus star system
  2. Natural born leaders
  3. Very charismatic
  4. Incredibly telepathic
  5. Logical thinkers
  6. Organizers and planners of the world
  7. Great public speakers
  8. Highly intelligent and motivated
  9. Love occupation in mathematics, data, science, communication, technology, medicine, engineering, and architecture.
  10. Gifted at the art of divination and channeling
  11. Drawn to the mathematical side of spirituality, e.g., sacred geometry, natal charts (signs, degrees, etc.)
  12. Desire to live in a world where spirituality and science easily blend

Do you resonate with the Arcturian Starseeds?

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