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Arcturus Starseed


I look at the individual’s biorhythm, astrology, numerology, and human design in each case study. Once I discover the individual’s origins, I calculate the traumas and frequencies needed and plot the gates to incorporate their unique grid blueprint.

Lifepath: 11 – Spiritual Messenger

Life Path 11’s are spiritual teachers and offers psychic leadership. Connecting to realms beyond logic delivers insight and information that creates peace, bond, and relationship. An enhanced version of the 2 bestows all qualities of the number 2. These people are idealistic, intuitive, and visionary. They are very friendly, cooperative, always ready to help others, and quickly get along with anyone. You can share secrets, and they will never reveal to anyone.

Life Path 2’s are cooperative, sensitive, balanced, responsible, loving, patient, modest, and supportive. You bring peace and connection, are a team player, and make excellent partners. 2’s seek love and a giving heart and thrive in a group. However, it can be draining, and you must develop a healthy sense of emotional detachment from people to keep you happy and healthy. Watch out for energy vampires! Focus on gaining a keen insight, refining your sensitivity, and setting personal boundaries.

North Node: Taurus in 6th House

This placement gives you a personality with a great desire to be of service to other people. In the past or past lives, you were dreamy and unfocused and paid little attention to detail. You were in the process of connecting to your higher self, journeying back into the cosmic realms within your mind. Now your focus must constantly shift to the details of daily life to improve yourself, serve others, and remain alert to the mundane details of life that do not leave much time for daydreaming. Taurus in the 6th House is a difficult transition but necessary to fulfill your destiny this time. As your life unfolds, health issues may arise to address. You may call to care for another whose illness will test your patience and commitment to service. Since you feel close to the spiritual world, dealing with everyday details may seem tedious and unsatisfying. As you work through these challenges, you come closer to understanding how coping with everyday issues connects you with the world of Spirit, still operating at the core of your being.

  • Anxiety

  • Asthma

  • Breast Cancer

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

  • Pollen & Food Allergies

Frequencies Needed
  • 741hz

  • 639hz

  • 528hz

  • 417hz

  • 174hz

Grid Taken
Case Study 01

Connecting the data

The Nine Centers

We have nine energy centers in our body, each with unique implications for our life. These centers can be either “Defined” or “Open.” A defined center (colored) means that energy in that center is consistent; you can learn to rely on its fixed power. An open center (white) indicates the point comes in from the outside. This energy is amplified and is not consistent or reliable. It is not you.

The Not-Self Mind

An open center can be an excellent source of wisdom and sensitivity; however, it is where you are trapped, trying to be what you are NOT. Human Design calls it the not-self mind. The Not-Self mind is who you think you are or what you should be. The mind is obsessed with these themes; this is where and how your mind tortures you. Your open centers fuel the monologues and dialogues in your head. Learning to witness these voices is an incredible tool for dis-identifying with your mind.

Open Energy Centers

challenges found

Focus on the challenges to help achieve life path and destiny for complete healing.

  • Maintain Healthy Boundaries

  • Reconnecting with a Sense of Self-Worth

  • Respecting Others Values

  • Overcoming Crisis Orientation

  • Gaining Financial Power

  • Relinquishing Manipulation and Intimidation

  • Succeeding in Sexually Intimate Relationships

the final result

Stepping into the light or not?

The 6-2 profile is an exciting blend of personality energies. The 2nd line hermit, in combination with the 6th line progression of life stages, can lead to 3 distinct expressions in the life of a 6-2. To understand the steps, let’s focus on the passage of the 6th line.

In the first 28 years or until Saturn returns, the 6th line is introspective and experimental. Coupled with the hermit of the 2nd line, this can be a quiet or reserved self experimenting individual. Through their experimentation, they may have a burst of energetic expression or what might seem like explosions from their somewhat reserved personalities. The 2nd line hermit will keep pulling them into being alone, but the individual’s friends will call them out. Overall there is an intensity to the inward focus, with both the 2nd and 3rd lines being inward. But as the 6-2 approaches age 28, the 6th line will give up the experimentation and head for the roof.

From 28 to 50, the 6th line is on the roof. A time for more aloof periods for the 6th line; they are not peering outward, looking at how other people do things. They are trying to learn about life through the results of others and then pulling in this wisdom and internalizing it. The roof can feel muted and less engaged. Again with the 2nd line, they will want to be alone and requested out. They may develop a cycle, rhythm, or pattern or withdraw before going out.

At 50 or around Chiron’s return, the 6-2 is ready to come down off the roof and be the role model. Through self-experimentation in the younger years and observing the middle years, the 6-2 has assembled a wealth of wisdom to share. But while 6-2 is a social being, they are reserved. The role model will not be preachy but will come out when called. It can be a dilemma for the 6-2 and those around them. They can seem aloof or not engaged. But in reality, they are waiting for that call out when they can supply their role model wisdom to benefit themselves and others.

Triple Split Definition: 10% of the population

Three distinctly separate definitions or sets of reports work autonomously from each other. Each set of Definitions can connect in multiple ways by the auras of other people who have Gates or Channels that bridge or combine the three separate Definitions. For this reason, if you have a Triple Split Definition, it is advisable for you to be around others in public areas such as a shopping Mall or café or traveling on public transport, etc., so that you are joined up temporarily in many different ways.

The Right Angle Cross of Revolution (49/4 | 14/8)

As long as it creates some benefit for the common good, the energy of revolution is satisfied. Food is a central theme around the process and has been for a long time. In a “Robin Hood” manner, you will see the need to provide for others who are less fortunate.