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Lyran Starseed


I look at the individual’s biorhythm, astrology, numerology, and human design in each case study. Once I discover the individual’s origins, I calculate the traumas and frequencies needed and plot the gates to incorporate their unique grid blueprint.

Lifepath: 3 – The Communicator

Life Path 3’s are optimistic, verbal, creative, and inspiring entertainers and performers. Humor is the most critical way you communicate, being incredibly friendly, happy, and amusing. 3’s can make great actors, teachers, or counselors. 3’s represent energy, imagination, and fun. The number 3 means creation and finding solutions. It references triads and represents past, present, future, mother, father, child, birth, life, and death. The true spirit of the 3’s is to inspire and uplift others and yourself. To manifest anything, you must take action!

North Node: Virgo in 12th House

This placement gives you a personality focused on spiritual rather than worldly concerns. Although the practical matters of everyday life come quickly to you, you do not find your true happiness in pursuing mundane affairs but constantly seek to expand your mental and spiritual horizons to a larger and more inclusive context. It may not be easy, for the pull of everyday life is very strong in you, and in many ways, it is what you do best. In the past or previous lifetimes, you may have made much of refining your abilities in the practical world. At that time, you dealt mainly with issues of personal health or the welfare of others in small but significant ways. Now, your focus gradually shifts to a higher plane of activity in this lifetime. You find your mission not so much in the day-to-day routine, but in sacrificing yourself to a higher purpose, to advancing beyond the material world, perhaps with a disregard for your well-being. By giving up your ego involvement in your actions, you are learning to help others with genuine compassion. You find yourself going deep within to bring forth a renewed understanding of how to serve others as you become an exemplar for a more spiritually-based society.

  • ADHD

  • Allergies

  • Anxiety

  • Cancer

  • Mental Factors

Frequencies Needed
  • 963hz

  • 396hz

  • 285hz

  • 174hz

  • 6hz

Grid Taken

Connecting the data

The Nine Centers

We have nine energy centers in our body, each with unique implications for our life. These centers can be either “Defined” or “Open.” A defined center (colored) means that energy in that center is consistent; you can learn to rely on its fixed power. An open center (white) indicates the point comes in from the outside. This energy is amplified and is not consistent or reliable. It is not you.

The Not-Self Mind

An open center can be an excellent source of wisdom and sensitivity; however, it is where you are trapped, trying to be what you are NOT. Human Design calls it the not-self mind. The Not-Self mind is who you think you are or what you should be. The mind is obsessed with these themes; this is where and how your mind tortures you. Your open centers fuel the monologues and dialogues in your head. Learning to witness these voices is an incredible tool for dis-identifying with your mind.

Open Energy Centers

challenges found

Focus on the challenges to help achieve life path and destiny for complete healing.

  • Establishing Personal Limits

  • Learning a Practical Approach to Creating Healthy Relationships

  • Succeeding in Sexually Intimate Relationships

  • Creating Win-Win Situations: Responding to Others in Constructive Ways

  • Embracing Participation in Helping Others Heal

  • Overcoming a Self-sabotaging Tendency to Play the Victim Role

  • Healing Anxiety and Shame – Staying in the present moment

the final result

Stepping into the light or not?

The 6-2 profile is an exciting blend of personality energies. The 2nd line hermit, in combination with the 6th line progression of life stages, can lead to 3 distinct expressions in the life of a 6-2. To understand the steps, let’s focus on the passage of the 6th line.

In the first 28 years or until Saturn returns, the 6th line is introspective and experimental. Coupled with the hermit of the 2nd line, this can be a quiet or reserved self experimenting individual. Through their experimentation, they may have a burst of energetic expression or what might seem like explosions from their somewhat reserved personalities. The 2nd line hermit will keep pulling them into being alone, but the individual’s friends will call them out. Overall there is an intensity to the inward focus, with both the 2nd and 3rd lines being inward. But as the 6-2 approaches age 28, the 6th line will give up the experimentation and head for the roof.

From 28 to 50, the 6th line is on the roof. This is a more aloof time for the 6th line; they are not peering outward, looking at how other people do things. They are trying to learn about life through the results of others and then pulling in this wisdom and internalizing it. The roof can feel muted and less engaged. Again with the 2nd line, they will want to be alone and be called out. They may develop a cycle, rhythm, or pattern or withdraw before going out.

At 50 or around Chiron’s return, the 6-2 is ready to come down off the roof and be the role model. Through self-experimentation in the younger years and observing the middle years, the 6-2 has assembled a wealth of wisdom to share. But while the 6-2 is a social beings, they are reserved. The role model will not be preachy but will come out when called. This can be a dilemma for the 6-2 and those around them. They can seem aloof or not engaged. But in reality, they are waiting for that call out when they can supply their role model wisdom to benefit themselves and others.