For the last week of February, we will continue our self-love series by introducing you to ways to bring self-love into your life by using sacred geometry. We will briefly discuss Sacred Geometry and why it is essential for your ascension process. Then we will look at the platonic solids you can use to bring more self-love into your life by using said sacred geometry and small tasks with our checklist.

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What is Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometric shapes are light codes, fractals, reoccurring patterns, and ratios that open up passages for healing and ascension. They reveal wisdom to life and the creation of the Universe. Thus, helping to connect the soul to this beautiful Earth and the upper realms or dimensions.

Ancients considered the experience of Sacred Geometry as essential development of the soul and understood these patterns and codes as symbolic of our inner realm, higher consciousness, and self-awareness. Sacred Geometry increases our connection to Spirit and creates harmony between ourselves and the outside world.

Our bodies exhibit Sacred Geometry called the “Light-body & Merkabah,” a light grid or sacred geometry that ties together the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each body radiates light energy and links you as a multidimensional self with the infinite Universe.

Self-love and Sacred Geometry

How can we bring more self-love in by using sacred geometry? Today, our focus is on the building blocks of sacred geometry, The platonic solids. The five platonic shapes are Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, and Dodecahedron. These polyhedral faces are identical polygons that meet at the same three-dimensional angle giving each a beautiful structural symmetry. Here is what each can bring you by drawing or focusing on the shapes.

The tetrahedron is a three-sided triangle symbolizing balance, harmony, and completion. Rising upwards with its point signifies and encourages us to elevate to higher consciousness. It is often called the pyramid.

  • Use to feel safe, stable, and secure

  • Wear the color red or draw the symbol in red

  • Light a candle while drawing

The hexahedron symbolizes strong foundations, focusing on grounding, stability, dependability, and safety. It takes on the earth element and has six sides representing a cube. It encourages us to stay strong and to take physical action.

  • Wear green or draw the symbol in green

  • Spend time in nature or hug a tree

  • Write down goals within the hexahedron

The octahedron represents the air element and is a polygon with eight equal triangular faces. It is known as a rough diamond shape and activates the throat chakra through our breath and voice, bringing meaning to its structure.

  • Wear blue or draw the symbol in blue

  • Speak your truths

  • Show empathy to yourself and loved ones

The dodecahedron represents Spirit or aether with its twelve pentagon faces, and the color purple represents it. It symbolizes a framework for the descending subtle energies of Spirit.

  • Wear purple or draw the symbol in purple

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation

  • Study about the higher consciousness

The icosahedron is the fifth platonic solid, having twenty triangular sides and symbolizes the water element. It urges us to go with the flow and have freedom of expression.

  • Wear yellow or draw the symbol in yellow

  • Spend time around water

  • Use for transformation and emotional stability

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