March is full of a lot of movement in the heavens. If you have ever studied Astrology, now is the moment to pay attention. Pluto, the planet of complete transformation, power struggles, death, and rebirth, will be testing the waters as Pluto goes direct in Aquarius from March 23, 2023, to May 1, 2023. Then Pluto will station retrograde in Aquarius from May 1, 2023, to June 11, 2023. Pluto won’t re-enter Aquarius again in 2023, so the next time we’ll see this transit will be in 2024! Pay attention to what shifts you notice during this time, personally and around you, as the Universe gives you a sneak peek of the forgiveness lessons needing your attention.

While Pluto is in Aquarius, the collective will take a closer look at social structures and politics seriously as we seek major reform. Some of you may have uncommon, harsh, or surprising happenings with friends and networks.

We will likely confront issues of control and power related to individuality, equality, friendships, and group associations. We can seek to distinguish ourselves for our progressiveness, scientific minds, ideals, humanitarianism, or unique qualities. It’s also a time when we seek to change and overhaul society through science, inventions, and the mind/ideas.

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Natal Pluto Placement
Pluto in Virgo – Tenth House 

Pluto in the Tenth House (or sign) gives you a forceful personality focusing on authority, power, and control issues. You may have a compulsion for control manifesting in difficulties with interpersonal relations or rebellious attitudes toward the established charge, or perhaps resulting in the charismatic personal magnetism of a natural leader. You may go through many changes while pursuing your work in the world. You are a natural energy powerhouse and enjoy being in charge as compensation for feeling controlled in your early encounters with authority figures. Your mother or your opposite-sex parent was controlling, and you may have felt stifled in the individual expression of your self-hood. These early experiences will give you a knee-jerk reaction to authority figures in your more mature manifestation based on unconscious impulses of fear and resentment. You might look to situations where you are entirely in control as safe for you and seek them out in your employment, such as being a self-starter or boss. You may, however, need help maintaining a position of authority once achieved. What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of your urge for command and control based on a deeper understanding of yourself and a more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power.

Lesson Learned: Forgive Authority Figures

Transiting Pluto in Aquarius – Second House
This transit is most potent (within 1 degree)
October 25, 2006 – March 21, 2024
June 15, 2024 – January 20, 2025, exact June 15, 2024 R

During this transit, 14 or more years, your personality will depend on money and material possessions. You are on a path of transformation of your attitude toward the material at this time and your values in general. You may become aware of associating a sense of security with material possessions. As you transform your old patterns into a healthier framework, you cultivate a more conscious and successful relationship with the material world, including money and possessions. When values change, your sense of self no longer depends on physical controls, but rather on the more profound meaning associated with these things, as symbolic of love and sharing.

Lesson Learned: Forgive all relationships that had control around love, money, and possessions.

I’ve briefly described Pluto house placements for each sign below. Be sure to look at where your Pluto resides in your natal chart and the house it governs, and where Pluto will live during our sneak peek transit.

  • First House Lesson: Forgive self for anger outbursts.

  • Second House Lesson: Forgive relationships around money and possessions.

  • Third House Lesson: Forgive self for imposing your beliefs on others.

  • Fourth House Lesson: Forgive parents for lack of parental care.

  • Fifth House Lesson: Live true values and your individual purpose in life.

  • Sixth House Lesson: Be of service to yourself and others.

  • Seventh House Lesson: Forgive power struggles in all relationships.

  • Eight House Lesson: Forgive expression in the moments of crisis.

  • Ninth House Lesson: Forgive when you are wrong about something.

  • Tenth House Lesson: Understand that success takes time and to trust the process.

  • Eleventh House Lesson: Forgive yourself when social relationships are challenging.

  • Twelfth House Lesson: Forgive authority who told you not to be powerful as a child.

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